Building a bike

I desided to bring half of my bike from Finland to Belgium and build the bike ready not until in Brussels. As I saw, it wasn’t the easiest way to do it. Carrying odd-shaped wheelset bagish around the Belgium isn’t that nice at all.

In fact the whole bike episode was a huge puzzle. The frame came from London, the other parts with me from Finland and the rest from a bike shop called Vainqueur Bicycles.

The shop owner Clement was a really easy going and everything from frame ordering from another bike shop to their store to bike building went fine. Especially I want to praise the mechanic. He spoke only French and was a really over loaded with all other duties, but still somehow we managed to communicate with me and build the bike properly. It helped the stress when I bought a package of Marlboro for him.

There it goes, my donkey, Leader 722TS frame with necessary parts. We have 2000 kilometres to get used to each other.

I’m now in Holland in the town called Noordwijk. Approximately 180 kilometres behind. So far saticfied with this rid

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